Upcoming Events for May 2022

I have things going on!

Well, May got busy for me as a writer. I’ve already done a book signing at Pella Books during Tulip Time, where I got to meet a lot of great people and even sell a few books.

Tonight (19 May 2022), I’ll be participating in my first podcast as an author with the Blasters and Blades crew. Once JR and Cisca let me know when the episode goes live, I’ll let you know, but having listened to their podcast for a while, this will be fun! I’ll be focusing on how Sandblaster and Amarillo by Fire Fight in Baen Books World Breakers anthology) are connected, with attention to Phoebe the sentient tank and how she came to be.

I’ll also be a panelist at Desmoinescon on Sunday, May 22nd 2022, (11:30 AM in room 107) running a panel about what new writers need to think about (besides telling great stories) when they’re getting started if they want to write for the long term. Des Moines Con also has a slate of other panels and a host of guests, so check it out here!

I’m also wrapping up a short story for an anthology about Santa Claus as a special operations guy (and Phoebe gets to work with Santa in this one) and I’m working with Henchmen Press to build an anthology of military science fiction stories about the E4 Mafia. I’ll post more about that next time, but it’s coming and it’s another new thing in my writing life!

Thanks for everyone’s encouragement and support. My writing world is expanding and I’m doing more in this world, which is scary and cool and fun all at once. I’m also getting some more Burn and Bad Karma stories together. The next one out will be about Bad Karma returning to Chicago!

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I'm an IT networking professional with a running addiction. This blog is about the running addiction!

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