What I’m up to currently

Bad Karma with hair extensions or if she ever grew her hair out.

Here’s an update on what all projects I’ve got going or coming up:

Working Title Malta: Rough draft in progess and near the end, with Burn and Bad Karma meeting up with the Grey Man from Mexican Escape while everyone is trying to recover something from a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea.

California: the story about Krystal Cruz’s from Sandblaster’s experience in California. This is in major edit phase and should be ready to go out to first readers some time next week.

Chicago Story 1: I completed the rough draft of this story about Bad Karma going to Chicago to follow up leads about her past. I’ll get into edits after California goes out to 1st readers.

Santa Claus Story: This is a story about Phoebe the Tank, Jess Wilser, and Santa Claus that I’m submitting to an anthology about Santa Claus as a high level military operator. Krystal Cruz has it in hand.

Bad Karma Short story: I’ve finished the rough draft on this, but I’m planning to use it for a reader magnet when I get my email list started. Bad Karma, an FBI team, and a guy who couldn’t pay his child support because of the war. Much fun and, surprisingly, no dead bodies in this one.

Once I get a chance, I’ll be outline Chicago Story 2, and developing an outline for an urban fantasy Chosen One story I’ve been thinking about.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Author: geekwitharun

I'm an IT networking professional with a running addiction. This blog is about the running addiction!

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