About Keith Hedger

Keith Hedger writes science fiction and fantasy stories from his home in Pella, Iowa.

My Goal

I work hard to write fun, entertaining stories. Sometimes the characters show up as they are, sometimes I see how they develop as a story progresses. However it goes, I try to be honest to my characters and write a story my readers enjoy.

My Life

I live in Pella, Iowa with my wife, Terri, and our dog, Ein. Fortunately, they both tolerate my habit of hiding in my work area creating new stories and trying to figure out how to be an author. We get breaks to hang out with our families a lot more now, since we’ve moved up from Georgia.

When I’m not writing, working at my current job (I’m an IT manager), or spending time with Terri, I’m probably out running or working out. We’re also spending a lot of time with our grand kids, which is really cool. With the time that’s left, I research new skills I need as an author or learn about new things to make my stories better.

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