Three Good Stories

How I feel reading a great story!

Along with writing stories, I’ve been putting time into reading other people’s fiction over the last few months, and encountered a couple of good military science fiction tales you might enjoy.

Shane Gries released a story about veterans of a secret war who are finally allowed to tell the stories about their experiences fighting an alien threat while the world thought they were fighting in Vietnam. It’s gripping read that rings true to anyone who’s listened to old veterans tell stories and has an intriguing twist. Click the image and go get a copy!

Leo Champion’s story of galactic colonists’ response to a tyrannical government on Earth. The characters are gripping, the intensity rises throughout and you’ll finish the story with a lot to consider. Click the image to read it!

I’ve had several chances to read my own story, Sandblaster. More importantly, my readers have let me know that this story works for them. It’s the second story in my cyberpunk setting, and the most heavily military themed of the series. Give it a read!

Thanks, and I hope you find something you enjoy from these stories!

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