Sandblaster Author Copies Have Arrived

Well, I received my order of author copies of Sandblaster! That’s exciting stuff for me. I’ve also heard from some readers that they’ve enjoyed the story, which is always welcome news. And Phoebe seems to be popular. I’ll probably have to re-visit her in a story at some point.

And, that, folks, is why I don’t worry about running out of ideas. Wherever I look, there appears to be another idea 🙂

Now that Sandblaster is out in the world and getting at least a little traction, I’m working on another Burn and Bad Karma novel, and I’ll be starting edits on ‘California’ (the story of what really happened to Krystal prior to Sandblaster). I’ve got a few other stories in the works as well, so I should be able to keep my productivity up and providing you with fun stories to read!


Author: geekwitharun

I'm an IT networking professional with a running addiction. This blog is about the running addiction!

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