Read my story Operation Sleigh Ride in the Slay Bells Ring Anthology from Bayonet Books!

I have a new story out in the Slay Bells Ring anthology from JR Handley and Bayonet Books.

there are 18 stories in this anthology written by amazing authors, including:

JR Handley

Nicholas R. Garber
Steve Diamond
HP Holo
Michael J. Allen
Robert W. Ross

J. Clifton Slater
and many others.

Here’s the description from the page:

Ho ho… oh hell!

Is that sleigh bells ringing in your ears or a few rounds from an M60?

You wanted the jolly fat man to bring Yuletide joy, but the season has gifted you with a heart breaker and a life taker — Badass Santa.

Grab your eggnog and camouflage candy canes, strap on your bulletproof holiday stockings, and prepare for thrills and kills.

From blood-stained rebellion at the north pole to a black ops raid on a distant planet, these eighteen action-packed tales will show you Saint Nick as you’ve never seen him before.

It’s all you’ll want for Christmas.

Slay Bells Ring is available for pre-order now at:

My story in the anthology is Operation Sleigh Ride, where Phoebe the Tank and Jesse Wilser meet Santa Claus for a clandestine operation during a Christmas Eve cease fire with the Holy Mexican Empire. If you like Phoebe the Tank, get this anthology now!

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