California is next out

Pretty descriptive of everything i’ve got going on

So, I’m doing the heavy edits for the next story. It’s got a working title of ‘California’ and covers the events that lead Krystal Cruz into the job in Sandblaster. It’s been a bit of a tough run, because my editor and I both think it needs some additional scenes and expansions to move it to novel length, and because the rest of my life has been pretty busy.

I’ve also got the first story in the Chicago books written in rough draft (Bad Karma goes to Chicago. Alone. And, yes, that does mean bad things happen).

I’m also about to do the last long run for my training cycle for the Nebraska State Fair Marathon (next week) and then get into taper cycle for that. August is going to be busy.

So hang in there. If things go well, I should start getting more of your favorite characters into published stories over the next few months. Getting books out fasters is becoming a bigger priority for me, so expect me to make some changes in how I get them done!

Author: geekwitharun

I'm an IT networking professional with a running addiction. This blog is about the running addiction!

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