Let’s Talk About February

It’s been a bit of a landmark month for me as an author/writer. I’ve achieved my third highest sales month total, so thanks to all of you who’ve purchased or read through my stories! A huge amount of that improvement comes from the progress I made in my Amazon advertising thanks to Bryan Cohen from https://bestpageforward.net and his 20 Books Vegas presentation and the January Ad challenge.

In the productivity area, I completed two short story rough drafts (one for a mail list, and the other as a submission for an anthology about Santa Claus. Yes, really). I’ve also started a new novel in the Burn and Bad Karma setting based around the Isle of Malta. That’s added up to a total of 29,258 words of new fiction written. Along with all those new words, my editor returned a novella and told me that it needs scenes added, and should be a full novel length work to really be what it needs to be. So edits on that one (California is the tentative title) will be starting this month.

March looks like it will be just as busy. So thanks to everyone who’s purchased or read my works, and thanks for the slowly climbing number of reviews! I really appreciate all of your time and interest!


Author: geekwitharun

I'm an IT networking professional with a running addiction. This blog is about the running addiction!

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