Sandblaster is Live!

Sandblaster Is Live!

If you plan to order the paperback, please wait until Monday. Amazon is slow to change prices, so wait for the system to complete the process and drop the price down. Who knew that in a world of instant web changes, Amazon would have a slow process?

Thanks for everything you all do to support me and make this writing path I’m going down possible! I really appreciate all of you!

If you’re a Kindle Unlimited member, get that ebook!

Last, reviews are open for Sandblaster, so if you’ve read it, please leave an honest review of it and help your friends find books they’ll enjoy! Also, if you have friends who enjoy the kind of stories I write, please tell them!

This is a fun read, and you get a bunch more Burn, Bad Karma, Micky and Phoebe.

Click here to go get the story!

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