Sandblaster is Open for Pre-order!

When Micky’s old military unit called him in, he knew it was going to be tough…

Snatching the commander of the Holy Mexican Empire’s special forces from the war zone in west Texas was beyond tough. And the soldiers didn’t want any fingers pointed back to them.

That was a tough job for even the best special operations unit.

Fortunately, Micky knew plenty of mercenaries, starting with Burn and Bad Karma, who were loaded up with high tech equipment and implants. They would do what it took to get the job done and get paid.

Of course, the soldiers of the Holy Mexican Empire and the other countries fighting in the area would have their own say in how things went.

You’ll love this near future military science fiction story because high tech mercenaries with tools and attitudes always try to get the job done.

Get Sandblaster now!

Author: geekwitharun

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