What’s going on?

I hope everyone’s doing well. It’s been busy for Terri and I over the last few weeks between family and work obligations. Krystal’s wrapping up line edits for Sandblaster, so that should be coming together for ebook release soon. I’m working on the rough draft for ‘Stealth and War Book 1’ (such a working title 🙂 ) and completing the first draft for Only Human. I’ve got the novella for California, another story set in the Burn and Bad Karma setting, out for edits and should have that back in the next few weeks. Next up, I encountered an anthology looking for stories about sentient artifacts in tales of fantasy, so I’ll see if I can get that done as soon as Stealth and War manages to wrap up. Seriously, the space marine is taking up a lot of word count now that he’s committed to something bigger than just getting by.

Seriously, I’ve got a lot of stories in various stages of completion and it’s clear that I need to streamline my ‘writing process’ to get more efficient about getting stories done. Some of that is consistently writing and setting time to do edits on a daily basis. I’m really happy with the folks I’m working with and I’m getting training so I can do a better job of getting word out about my stories. I’m also adding some platforms, like my website, to help keep you current on where I’m at with my stories and what to expect in the near future. Part of that will be writing a bi-weekly blog post here. Let me know what you think!

Thanks, and have a great week!

Author: geekwitharun

I'm an IT networking professional with a running addiction. This blog is about the running addiction!

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