Snippet Time!

Here’s a snippet from the current work in progress. I hope you enjoy!

Bad Karma triggered the call answer function as she leaned to the left and cut around the pickup running slow in the left lane. The driver stared at her as she blew by him on the left hand shoulder. She gave him a grin and added more acceleration.
“Hey, Burn,” She triggered whisper mode on the call so the comm implant would take her sub vocal range speech and transmit it.
“What, exactly, happened?”
“The FBI showed up. Tried to kidnap Scott. Said they were arresting him,” Bad Karma replied.
“How do you know?”
“FBI is a northie agency.”
“Ok, that does make sense. How many of them did you shoot?”
“None. Punched and kicked them. Got Scott out. Now we need to hide.”
“Did you call the cops?”
“Had Scott do that.”
“You’d call when you found out.”
“Are you grinning?”
“Get through this alive. And you better have one hell of a story.”
“I will. They aren’t shooting.”
“I wonder why.”
“In the wrong country. Out gunned. Not as good as me.”
“How would they know who you are?”
“I kicked four of their asses.”
“Fair,” Burn said.
“Gotta go. State trooper next to us.”

Three Good Stories

How I feel reading a great story!

Along with writing stories, I’ve been putting time into reading other people’s fiction over the last few months, and encountered a couple of good military science fiction tales you might enjoy.

Shane Gries released a story about veterans of a secret war who are finally allowed to tell the stories about their experiences fighting an alien threat while the world thought they were fighting in Vietnam. It’s gripping read that rings true to anyone who’s listened to old veterans tell stories and has an intriguing twist. Click the image and go get a copy!

Leo Champion’s story of galactic colonists’ response to a tyrannical government on Earth. The characters are gripping, the intensity rises throughout and you’ll finish the story with a lot to consider. Click the image to read it!

I’ve had several chances to read my own story, Sandblaster. More importantly, my readers have let me know that this story works for them. It’s the second story in my cyberpunk setting, and the most heavily military themed of the series. Give it a read!

Thanks, and I hope you find something you enjoy from these stories!

Sandblaster Author Copies Have Arrived

Well, I received my order of author copies of Sandblaster! That’s exciting stuff for me. I’ve also heard from some readers that they’ve enjoyed the story, which is always welcome news. And Phoebe seems to be popular. I’ll probably have to re-visit her in a story at some point.

And, that, folks, is why I don’t worry about running out of ideas. Wherever I look, there appears to be another idea 🙂

Now that Sandblaster is out in the world and getting at least a little traction, I’m working on another Burn and Bad Karma novel, and I’ll be starting edits on ‘California’ (the story of what really happened to Krystal prior to Sandblaster). I’ve got a few other stories in the works as well, so I should be able to keep my productivity up and providing you with fun stories to read!


Sandblaster Week One Update

Sandblaster is live and I’ve gotten all the issues with pricing worked out!

Thanks to all of the readers who posted reviews already! I really appreciate them.

I’ve also had readers from the UK, Germany and Australian pick up my stories. I hope you enjoyed the stories.

It’s been a wild week and I’m happy to see this being my best month of writing so far. Additionally, I’m working on another Burn and Bad Karma story. My editor has given me solid feedback on another story (California) that will be coming soon.

Thanks to all of you who keep supporting writers as we continue building our careers. Let me know what you think, and post an honest review on my stories!



Sandblaster is Live!

Sandblaster Is Live!

If you plan to order the paperback, please wait until Monday. Amazon is slow to change prices, so wait for the system to complete the process and drop the price down. Who knew that in a world of instant web changes, Amazon would have a slow process?

Thanks for everything you all do to support me and make this writing path I’m going down possible! I really appreciate all of you!

If you’re a Kindle Unlimited member, get that ebook!

Last, reviews are open for Sandblaster, so if you’ve read it, please leave an honest review of it and help your friends find books they’ll enjoy! Also, if you have friends who enjoy the kind of stories I write, please tell them!

This is a fun read, and you get a bunch more Burn, Bad Karma, Micky and Phoebe.

Click here to go get the story!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’d like to thank all of you for your help, advice, support, encouragement and through the last year. I’ve grown a lot as an author in 2021, and 2022 is shaping up to my best year ever. So, for all you’ve done, for all your thoughts and words, comments, reviews and patience, thank you!

I hope we all have an amazing 2022!

Sandblaster is Open for Pre-order!

When Micky’s old military unit called him in, he knew it was going to be tough…

Snatching the commander of the Holy Mexican Empire’s special forces from the war zone in west Texas was beyond tough. And the soldiers didn’t want any fingers pointed back to them.

That was a tough job for even the best special operations unit.

Fortunately, Micky knew plenty of mercenaries, starting with Burn and Bad Karma, who were loaded up with high tech equipment and implants. They would do what it took to get the job done and get paid.

Of course, the soldiers of the Holy Mexican Empire and the other countries fighting in the area would have their own say in how things went.

You’ll love this near future military science fiction story because high tech mercenaries with tools and attitudes always try to get the job done.

Get Sandblaster now!